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Embracing the values of Respect, Sanctity of Life and Love & Care, LITTLE EDEN is a registered non-profit organisation [001-827 NPO and PBO No.930/0000/03] providing life-long care to children and adults with profound intellectual disability, in two custom designed facilities geared to helping them reach their full potential.


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Light and warmth – two precious commodities we take for granted. Until we don't have them anymore.

At the beginning of this month, the new ESKOM tariffs came into effect – and we're dreading the arrival of our bill.

Weíve done everything we can to save power ... fitted energy saving globes, turned down the thermostats on the geysers, and made sure the driers are used only on days when itís impossible to hang the washing out.

But the truth is, you canít run a home for 300 children and adults Ė who all need to be bathed, fed and kept warm every day Ė without using a great deal of power. And adding an extra 14.25 percent to the cost makes a huge difference!

Thatís why we're asking caring people like you for help. Any contribution you can make right now will help pay the bill Ė and keep the generators running during load shedding.

When the power goes off at LITTLE EDEN, itís not just inconvenient. It can quite literally be a matter of life or death. Especially at this time of year, when nights are long and days are short, and thereís a sharp, raw chill in the air.

Most of our children have physical, as well as intellectual disabilities – which make them prone to coughs, colds and íflu. And many suffer from chronic chest ailments like bronchitis and asthma that get worse in winter.

Little fingers and toes go numb with cold when a child sits in a wheelchair all day, unable to move around to keep the circulation going. Thatís why itís essential to keep the rooms comfortably heated ... to have warm water for bathing ... and power for the nebulisers and suction machines.

Please let our children feel the ‘power’ of your love ... in the form of a contribution towards the cost of keeping the lights on at LITTLE EDEN.

Our children don’t understand words like ‘electricity bill’ or ‘load shedding’ – they simply trust us to keep them safe and warm. And with help from friends like you, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

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We are currently looking at various ways to try and minimise costs and to save where we can. Please let us have your email address (if you haven't already done so) so that we can email thank you letters and receipts and save on postage costs. Thank you!

SMS to donateDonate R10 per month by phone

Please sms EDEN to 31239 @ 50c to opt-in for your MONTHLY contribution of R10. Should you wish to opt-out sms Stop EDEN to 31239 @ 50c.

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After many requests from our monthly donors, we have decided to save on postage by sending thank you letters with receipts only twice a year, together with your In Touch Newsletter, in January and May.

Should you wish to receive your receipts more regularly, kindly inform us at or call the office on 011 609 7246 and ask to speak to Nichollette Muthige.


Important notice to volunteers

Please contact Nichollette Muthige on 011 609 7246 to arrange accumulation of your community service hours at LITTLE EDEN.

Please note: Community service hours may only be accumulated during weekdays, from 08:30 to 12:30. NOT IN THE AFTERNOONS, WEEKENDS OR PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

Students are advised to arrange to do community service during school holidays.

Final date for community service this year is 30 September 2015.