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Please help wrap Judy and ‘our’ other kids in warmth and comfort


Even though it rarely snows in Jo’burg, our winters are bitter. Especially at night, when temperatures hover just above freezing – or when icy winds sweep across the city.


If you’re feeling the cold, imagine how much worse it is for a child whose disabilities prevent her from moving around to get the circulation going.


Judy spends every day in a wheelchair. Although she’s in her 20’s now, her tiny body
looks like a child’s and her mental age is that of a baby. And because she can’t talk, she can’t even tell us if she’s feeling cold.


We have to turn up the heating and make sure she has plenty of warm clothes and blankets. Because for Judy, being cold doesn’t just mean feeling miserable – it could be life threatening.

Like many of the residents at LITTLE EDEN, her disability and lack of mobility make her ‘chesty’. Winter colds and flu can turn into bronchitis or worse if they’re not treated promptly. Having plenty of cough syrup and flu remedy in our medicine cabinet is crucial.


But with extra VAT to pay and the fuel price increase pushing up the cost of everything, it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet.


That’s why we have to turn to people like you for help with the cost of heating, medicines and warm clothing like fleecy tracksuits, socks and slippers.


Please click the button below to reach out to the children with a gift of winter warmth.

Make a donation

If Judy was the only one needing extra care, we wouldn’t have to ask you for help. But when you have a ‘family’ of 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disability
depending on you, you need all the help you can get!


Your gift of R250, R500, or any amount you can spare will bring extra warmth and comfort to our Homes this winter. Not only will it keep our children cosy on the outside, your kindness and concern keeps them warm on the inside too. Because, knowing that someone cares is the most heartwarming gift of all.


So please will you make your donation right today? And may your heart be filled with the same warmth that you’ve given our children.

Children like Judy have no family of their own. No one to pop in with a gift of fluffy slippers or bright socks. That’s why your kindness means so much.

Planning a fundraising initiative for LITTLE EDEN?
Please ensure that you inform LITTLE EDEN before initiating the fundraiser.

If you are concerned about a request for donations, please call LITTLE EDEN
on 011 609 7246 or email info@littleeden.org.za to confirm validity of the appeal.

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