I have profound intellectual disability


There are many things I don’t understand … and even if I did, I couldn’t tell you about them – because my words come out as unformed sounds that won’t make much sense to you.


Some of my friends can’t walk … and others can’t use their hands to pick things up or hold them. Some can’t chew – they can only eat soft foods from a spoon held to their lips by caring hands. Many can’t use the toilet and have to wear nappies every day of their lives.


But none of these things matter to me – because I still find joy in life. Joy is in hearing music and singing along, even though I may be out of tune. Joy is in splashing colourful paint onto paper, even though my pictures don’t have recognizable shapes or images. Joy is in planting a flower and seeing it grow and blossom. Joy is learning how to make a paper kite and running round the garden ‘flying’ it.


Joy is everywhere. Because the people who love and care for me show me how to find it. But not everyone like me is lucky enough to live at LITTLE EDEN.

Make a donation

The truth is it takes a lot of money to care for children and adults with profound intellectual disability here at LITTLE EDEN. Most need 24 hour nursing care, medicines and therapy to keep them comfortable – as well as food, clothing and shelter.


Please will you play your part by making your donation online now. Any amount you can give will bring comfort, care, love, and JOY into the lives of these special people. Thank you.

Joy is yours to give. Please contribute towards the cost of caring for these precious ‘angels’ at LITTLE EDEN by making your donation online now.

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