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Unlike most of us, carers at LITTLE EDEN won’t be taking a holiday on Wednesday 9 August. Instead, these amazing women will get to work early – because they know how totally dependent the children are on them.


In green wing, some of the children won’t even eat their breakfast unless Mamsy is there to give it to them!  Although many of them find it difficult to communicate, so in tune with their needs is this incredible woman that she always knows exactly what each one wants.


It’s the same in red wing – a huge commotion every morning when Lindiwe arrives. Some little ones call out greetings … others stretch out their arms for a hug … and there are huge excited smiles everywhere you look.


There is absolutely no doubt how loved our carers are. And the best thing is that they feel exactly the same way about the children! Yet, without support from people like you, their hands would be tied.


They are the ones who tuck the children up safe in bed at night – but it’s your support that ensures there are freshly laundered sheets and enough soft warm blankets to go round. They carefully spoon food into each child’s mouth … but it’s you who provides the porridge, stewed fruit and other food every day. You provide the socks to keep little toes warm … the soap, toothpaste and shampoo … the therapy and medicines many of our children need to survive.


So please will you join forces with our dedicated staff during Women’s month and make a donation now to ensure that every child and adult at LITTLE EDEN is enfolded in an unbreakable circle of caring, so they can live their lives in joy and dignity, despite their limitations.

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Mamsy shares a cuddle with one of ‘her’ babies, young Thando.

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