It’s time to celebrate the wonderful women who raised us


Those who provided unconditional love … cared for us day in and day out … sat beside us when we were sick or afraid … cheered us on and believed in us, celebrating our successes and lifting us up when we failed. Those who ‘mothered’ us – even if they weren’t our real mothers.


Loving someone else’s child … especially a child with profound intellectual disability … requires an exceptionally big heart. Like the one that beats within Sebenzile’s chest.


love & careBefore she came to LITTLE EDEN, Sebenzile says that she had never encountered such vulnerability. “But amidst the tears, I discovered a wellspring of compassion within me, ignited by the residents’ resilience and spirit.”


Sebenzile is just one of 232 dedicated nurses and care workers – who spend their days making sure that every one of the special angels at LITTLE EDEN knows the touch of a mother’s love.


Just like the women who raised us, these ‘mothers’ bath and dress the residents every day. They feed them and brush their teeth and change their nappies. But they also give them plenty of hugs, and smiles, and cheerful chatter to let them know they matter.


And as we make plans to celebrate our own moms, let’s not forget these exceptional women and the very special role they play in both our Homes.


This Mother’s Day, please help give them the support they need to continue their wonderful work. Make a special Mother’s Day donation in honour of your own mom – or any other woman who inspires you with their  ability to nurture and care for others.
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Help fill our special Mother’s Day Wall of Honour with tributes to all the special moms out there.


Be sure to add a message in the space provided, when you fill out the donation form. And share this page with your mom to let her know of the special gift you’ve made in her honour this Mother’s Day.


To all the special women out there – we wish you a joyful Mother’s Day!

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