These are the lucky ones


Between our two Homes, we have space for 300 children and adults – but the need for specialised 24 hour care is many times greater than that. Our waiting list is heartbreakingly long, highlighting the severe lack of facilities for people with profound intellectual disability.


So it’s wonderful to have been able to welcome a few new children to our Homes over the past few months. We are so grateful for the generosity of our friends and supporters, without whom it would be impossible to give these precious ‘angels’ the life they deserve. Many of them have been abandoned or come from poverty stricken families that are unable to contribute much towards the cost of their care.


But within each is a child who craves what every other child wants: to live, to laugh, to find joy in ‘being’ and to give and receive friendship and love. This is what you make possible through your generous support of LITTLE EDEN.


If you would like to join in and work together with us to ensure that the children and adults at LITTLE EDEN continue to receive the care they need and deserve to live their lives to the full, despite their disabilities, please click the button below to make your contribution online now.

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A warm welcome to these new members of the LITTLE EDEN ‘family’.

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