If you’re sitting down to read this, you may be struck by the way we take this simple comfort for granted


Londiwe spends all day every day in a wheelchair. She was born with dystonic cerebral palsy, which affects posture. Her arms and legs are very stiff, with limited movement, and she has poor head control


But, by providing custom made wheelchair cushions, back- and head-rests, we can keep her body aligned … allowing her to sit comfortably. She has better use of her arms, and she can watch those around her more easily.


As Londiwe is still growing (she was only five years old when she first came to LITTLE EDEN), her cushions need to be regularly adapted as her body changes. She’s just one of many ‘angels’ at LITTLE EDEN who need special support.


These children may never run or skip …  or learn to read or write. Many cannot talk, walk, or sit on their own without support. And yet, they are content. If you visit LITTLE EDEN, you’ll be greeted with big smiles and shining eyes. You realise there are beautiful souls inside those helpless bodies. And they deserve all the help they need to make the most of life.


Please will you help –  by making a contribution towards the cost of customised wheelchair cushions that will allow them to sit comfortably all through the day?
Make a donation

Your donation of R750 covers the cost of high density foam for one set of cushions. R400 pays for waterproof covers. Smaller gifts help pay for blue, zips, and industrial strength thread for stitching the covers.


Any amount – donated right now through our secure credit card processing system – will help give a child or adult with profound intellectual disability the support they need.


Thank you for caring about our special ‘angels’ – and for joining together with us to make sure they enjoy the best possible life.

Help give a child with profound intellectual disability the best possible life

Planning a fundraising initiative for LITTLE EDEN?
Please ensure that you inform LITTLE EDEN before initiating the fundraiser.

If you are concerned about a request for donations, please call LITTLE EDEN
on 011 609 7246 or email info@littleeden.org.za to confirm validity of the appeal.

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