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Our Fête has moved from March to May. Save this date: 5 May 2018


“What makes you happy?” we asked our children


The answers were both touching and humbling.

For Philip it was: “Being able to walk!”

At 16 years old, Philip has spent almost his entire life in a wheelchair. But, with the help of a custom built walking frame, he recently took his first few independent steps. The look on his face says it all!

And we’re hoping that the experience will not only help strengthen the muscles in his legs – but also fill him with renewed determination to learn to walk on his own.

Engineering a purpose built walking frame costs money – and we have to depend on help from caring people like you to make it possible.

Make a donation
If seeing children like Philip happy makes you happy too, then please make a donation now towards the cost of specialised equipment.

Money is always needed for new walking frames, braces, support pillows and physiotherapy balls … as well the ‘extras’ kids love: a special birthday meal, musical instruments, horse riding, puzzles and games.

Many of the children at LITTLE EDEN are abandoned. They have no families to provide for them. They only have us – and caring people like you – to bring a little happiness into their lives.

So please will you make your donation right away? You’ll be amazed how much joy you’ll feel, knowing you’ve made a child with profound intellectual disability happy.

Happiness is … being able to walk; a new jigsaw puzzle; horse-riding; singing; a birthday dinner at Spur; having caring friends like you!

Planning a fundraising initiative for LITTLE EDEN?
Please ensure that you inform LITTLE EDEN before initiating the fundraiser.

If you are concerned about a request for donations, please call LITTLE EDEN
on 011 609 7246 or email info@littleeden.org.za to confirm validity of the appeal.

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