Little Busi is turning six on 22 July – will you help make her birthday special?

Everyone loves a birthday! Even those of us who say we’re too old for them, appreciate birthday greetings and thoughtful gifts that tell us loved ones remembered our special day.

And no one loves birthdays more than the children at LITTLE EDEN! Because they seldom get the opportunity to do anything out of the ordinary.

Unlike other kids, they don’t get to go to the movies, circus, park or funfair … or even to the shopping mall for a burger or ice-cream. Even though we fill their days with activities and therapy sessions appropriate to their level of functioning, there’s a routine to life here that seldom changes.

Unless it’s someone’s birthday.

Whilst they might not understand exactly what it’s all about, our little angels love the excitement of a birthday party … wearing party hats and singing Happy Birthday … tucking into cake, ice cream and juice … and, when it’s their turn, tearing open a brightly wrapped gift.

But this would not be possible if not for kind and caring friends like you.

Please will you give a child a few hours of fun and excitement – by sponsoring their birthday party now? And because LITTLE EDEN is celebrating our 50th birthday this year, perhaps you would mark the occasion with an especially generous gift … R500 or even R5000. Or commit to a monthly donation of R50.

Make a donation

In this way, you’ll not only sponsor a child’s party – you’ll also help ensure we can continue providing exceptional love and care to children and adults with profound intellectual disability throughout the year.

Perhaps you’d like to ‘donate’ your own birthday – by asking friends and loved ones to make a donation to LITTLE EDEN in your honour, instead of buying you a gift.

I’m sure you’ll feel real joy … knowing you’ve brought a little fun and excitement into the children’s lives. Thank you for caring about them – and for helping to give them the best possible life.

Even though she has intellectual disability, Busi is a friendly little girl who loves to sing. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday are her favourites. We’re pretty sure she’ll be singing along at her own party!

Planning a fundraising initiative for LITTLE EDEN?
Please ensure that you inform LITTLE EDEN before initiating the fundraiser.

If you are concerned about a request for donations, please call LITTLE EDEN
on 011 609 7246 or email to confirm validity of the appeal.

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