Wrap our kids in the warmth of your caring!


Even though it rarely snows in Jo’burg, our winters are bitter. Especially at night, when temperatures hover just above freezing and icy winds sweep across the city.


If you’re feeling the cold, imagine how much worse it is for children and adults whose disabilities prevent them from moving around to get the circulation going!


Many of our residents have physical disabilities and spend most of their day in a wheelchair. Little fingers and toes go numb with cold – unless we turn up the heating, and make sure every one of our 300 children and adults has enough cosy blankets, tracksuits, PJs and thick woolly socks or slippers to snuggle into.


Last year’s winter clothes are looking decidedly threadbare from frequent washing. We’d really love to replace them with fluffy new items. And we’re hoping friends like you may be moved to help us stock up now before winter really sets in.


Donations of cash are the most useful – since we need all different sizes from 18 months to large adult, and our children can only manage certain styles. For example, pants and tops need to be pull on, with no buttons or zips. And trainers with velcro fastenings are more practical.


So even though it’s fun to shop for gifts for the children, we ask that you rather go the ‘gift voucher’ route – and let us buy the right items on your behalf – by donating cash online.

Donate winter warmth

Your gift of R250, R500, or any amount you can spare will be put to immediate use to wrap our family of 300 children and adults in winter warmth. Not only will you keep them cosy on the outside, your kindness keeps them warm on the inside too. Because, knowing that someone cares is the most heartwarming gift of all.


So please will you make your donation today? And may your heart be filled with the same warmth that you’ve given our children.

Winter warmth

Cosy tracksuits … fleecy winter blankets … thick socks and slippers all help keep us warm when temperatures plummet. And your caring warms our hearts too!

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Winter clothing needed!

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