Help! Our old washing machine has broken down. And it can’t be fixed.


This is not the first time our hardworking industrial washing machine has broken down. But this time, we’ve been told that it’s beyond repair. It’s simply too old and worn out.

And there’s no way our laundry can be done without it. Not when there are 2 500 towelling nappies to be washed every day! As well as piles and piles of tracksuits, t-shirts and socks, sheets, pillowcases and blankets.

If we could make do with a standard domestic washing machine, there’d be no
problem. But an ordinary machine can’t handle this kind of load. What’s needed is a heavy duty industrial machine … at a cost of R248 000! And that’s money we just don’t have. Not when the price of everything else – from electricity to food – keeps going up.


My hope is that friends like you will rally round to help. Because, it would only take 248 people to each donate R1 000 and we’d have the money we need!


Donations of R500, R250 or any amount are all greatly appreciated. Every rand you give brings us closer to being able to afford the new washer. So please will you make your contribution right now?


Children like Lebo and little Mutshidzi don’t know what a washing machine is. But they do know how good it feels to be tucked into bed at night with crisp, sweet smelling sheets. To be dressed in soft, clean clothes every morning. And to have wet or soiled nappies promptly replaced with fresh, dry ones to prevent discomfort, chafing and rashes.


This is what your donation towards a new washer really provides.


If we are blessed to receive more than the cost of the new washer, it will go towards replacing our old dryer, which is also dangerously close to the end of its life!

At LITTLE EDEN, we’re committed to providing the best possible care for children and adults with profound intellectual disability. I know you wouldn’t want it any other way.

So please let me know you can help today … by making your donation online right now.

Even though your gift will be used towards new laundry equipment, never forget that what you’re really giving is comfort and care to our ‘family’ of 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disability.

And although they can’t say, “thank you”, they’ll be touched by your kindness every day.

Thank you for being someone we can always count on.

They may not know what a washing machine is – but they know what it feels like to be warm and comfortable in clean, fresh clothes and nappies

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