What would LITTLE EDEN do without our women … all 233 of them!


On Women’s Day, just as on every other day of the year (including Christmas), our dedicated staff, the majority of whom are women, will work together tirelessly to ensure our special ‘angels’ are safe, happy and cherished.


From those who put in long hours in the laundry – washing, drying and folding – so the children can enjoy fresh clean clothing and bedlinen every day …


To those busy in the kitchen – chopping, peeling, cooking and mashing – to produce five nutritious, tasty meals a day for our residents …


From our doctors, nurses and therapists who protect delicate chests from infection, treat ailments, and encourage movement and exercise to strengthen little bodies ….


To the carers who bath, dress, brush teeth, feed, soothe and talk to our children … keeping them clean, comfortable and happy …


And the volunteers who play a big role in our children’s stimulation programme by coming in to sing, paint and colour in with the children, help them build puzzles, and throw balls for them to catch …


We salute each and every one of these amazing women and the wonderful men who work alongside them!


And we humbly ask every single person who reads this to support their work.

Make a donation

They are the ones who cook enough food for 300 hungry children and adults every day. But it’s your generous donations that pay for the porridge, milk, eggs, vegetables, fruit and other ingredients.


They bathe and dress the children every day. But you provide the soap, toothpaste and shampoo … clothing and blankets and nappies.


So please will you join forces with our dedicated staff during Women’s month and make a donation now to complete the circle of caring that surrounds every child and adult at LITTLE EDEN? Thank you and may God bless you.

Please get behind our amazing female staff during Women’s month, as they strive to bring comfort and care to our ‘family’ of 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disabiltiy.

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