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Happy New Year!


Eyes bright with excitement … huge smiles … squeals of delight – this was Christmas at LITTLE EDEN. And thanks to the generosity of friends like you, it’s going to last all year. Because the wonderful gifts you chose for our children and adults are everywhere we look.


Dolls, toy cars, building blocks and toy telephones … new t-shirts and hats … books, puzzles and crayons … nail polish for the girls and sunglasses for our ‘cool’ dudes – every gift you chose reminds us of how loved our residents are, and how special our friends and supporters are!


Thank you for making Christmas a magical time for our LITTLE EDEN family. Special thanks to Emperor’s Palace, McCain and Stadium management for sponsoring delicious eats for the Christmas parties. And thank you to all those who joined the children for their annual concerts.


We were thrilled to have a full house for our concerts at Domitilla & Danny Hyams Home. The audience included supporters, friends and residents’ family members, who shared moments of laughter and other moments when there was not a dry eye in the room. Especially when the children played chimes using their elbows, hands and feet while their music therapist, Marie-Victoire, sang “Hear us”.


Busi was very excited to see her mother and little sister in the audience – and left her role in the concert several times in order to have a quick chat with them!


May your 2019 be filled with the same love, laughter and blessings.
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Thank you!

Thank you for the joy you gave!

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