Please help us keep a promise we made to Lebo’s gogo


Lebo’s granny is old now – and no longer has the strength to care for a child who must be carried, fed, bathed and minded day and night. And in the back of her mind is the constant fear: what will happen to Lebo when I die?


Without protection, the world can be a cruel and dangerous place for a child with intellectual disability. So we promised Lebo’s gogo that LITTLE EDEN would care for her tiny grandchild for the rest of her life.


It’s the same promise we make to all our children and their parents.


Because these special ‘angels’ need protection and a sense of belonging. They need a place that will always be home … and a ‘family’ that will always be there for them.

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But it takes a huge leap of faith to promise lifelong care to 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disability. Every day they need food, fresh clothes to wear, clean nappies and blankets. Many need round the clock nursing care, specially adapted wheelchairs and daily medication. Most benefit from physiotherapy, speech therapy and stimulation activities to help them reach their full potential.


Please will you play your part in helping to provide all the care they need by making your donation online now. And because it’s a milestone year for LITTLE EDEN … our 50th birthday …  we hope you’ll consider an especially generous gift. Thank you!

Thanks to support from kind people like you, little Lebo will always have a place to call home … where she will be loved and cared for.

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