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We all need to feel safe and secure


When it comes to protecting our LITTLE EDEN family members, we don’t compromise on their wellbeing and safety.


CCTV cameras help keep staff and residents safe, and enable us to watch over our most vulnerable special ‘angels’. And right now, we’ve identified an urgent need to upgrade our CCTV cameras to infrared cameras in one of the sections at Elvira Rota Village, due to aging equipment that is becoming redundant.


This section accommodates 50 residents who function at the mental level of a one year old and below. Many are non-verbal, and have physical disabilities as well as dual diagnosis (intellectual disability and mental illness).


Just like small babies, they can’t tell us if a gate has been left open or they feel frightened by the dark at night. They can’t tell us if they feel unwell, or if they have hurt themselves (residents in this section can self-harm).


That’s why we need cameras that enable us to ‘see’ what is happening both during the day and especially at night, without the need to switch on lights and disturb residents, who may become anxious and fearful, adding an additional layer of protection to their living environment.


But they don’t come cheap – and we need 128 of them to provide complete security and coverage. Plus, cabling, transmitters and receivers and installation. All of which adds up to R336 194.


So, I’m putting my faith in friends like you, who have always responded so generously in the past. If everyone chips in with R1 000, R500, R300 or any amount, we’ll be able to upgrade and install the necessary equipment.

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It’s a huge ask, we know. But we can’t take chances with the safety of our residents and staff.


At LITTLE EDEN, we’re committed to providing children and adults living with profound intellectual disability with a safe, comfortable and peaceful home. But we need your help to ensure we cover every angle.


So please don’t wait to make your donation. Give safely and conveniently online right now so we can get the cameras installed as soon as possible.


Thank you for caring about children and adults with profound intellectual disability and mental illnesses and supporting us to provide the quality care they deserve.

Please use this form to join our security upgrade drive, with a generous donation towards new cameras and cabling. Thank you.



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