It’s easy to forget that our precious Daniella and Candy are grown women


They’ve been at LITTLE EDEN since they were children. And their minds remain child-like, because of their disability. Yet, they possess many of the best qualities of women.


Despite having been born with Down Syndrome, Daniella has the biggest, kindest heart. If you’re feeling a bit down or out of sorts, Daniella is sure to notice – and do her best to comfort you and cheer you up. She doesn’t like to see anyone sad or alone, especially her best friend, Candy, who is in a wheelchair. She also likes to keep busy, washing the dishes, baking and (with the help of the care worker) making evening coffee and snacks for her house mates.


By choice, Dorothy lives with younger children at our Domitilla and Danny Hyams Home. Although she can never have children of her own, she is a real mother to the little ones. They all know who to run to for comfort and cuddles. There is no one more patient and caring. Dorothy will pick up the toy that’s fallen off a child’s wheelchair tray. Again and again and again. She never gets irritated or fed up.


At Elvira Rota Village, Pinky is the mother hen, handing out the bibs and getting the plates ready at meal times. Pinky runs ‘morning ring’ every day and reads to the others during quiet time. Meanwhile Jade will be busy in the laundry, folding clothes ready for the Housemothers to come and collect. She’s one of those women who makes sure her ‘family’ never runs out of fresh, clean clothes.


Daniella, Dorothy, Pinky and others create an extra layer of warmth and love in their home. A home we’ve promised they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

It’s a promise we can make because people like you support LITTLE EDEN.


Throughout the 55 years of our existence, we’ve always been able to turn to generous people like you to help provide food, clothing, toys, warm beds and wheelchairs, special therapy and a safe, well maintained home … in fact everything our family of 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disability needs.


Please will you renew your support now? Your special women’s month contribution – made right now – means the promise of love and friendship, safety and security for Daniella, Candy, Dorothy, Pinky and everyone else at LITTLE EDEN for the rest of their lives.


Thank you – and Happy Woman’s Day to you and your loved ones!

Women like Pinky and Jade
may not understand everything –
but they know the importance
of loving and caring for others.

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