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Thanks to friends like you, Sipho* will never be lonely again


(* Name changed to protect identity)
This will be Sipho’s first Christmas at LITTLE EDEN – and it’s going to be a joyful one. Not because there’ll be a visit from Santa and some sweets …

But because he’ll spend it surrounded by people who love and value him.

Before he came to LITTLE EDEN, this young boy spent every day alone … locked in a dark shed, without food and warm clothing.

He’s an orphan who was being ‘cared’ for by an aunt. Fortunately, another kinder relative reported his plight to her employer, who asked us to help.

We’ll never forget the day Sipho arrived here – he wanted to hug everybody! And, as he went past the children in their wheelchairs, he stopped in front of each to give them a wave. We realised then how desperately this young boy craves company … and how distressing it must have been for him to have spent so many long, lonely hours on his own.

Now – with help from people like you – Sipho will never have to go back to that miserable life.

But he’s just one of 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disability at LITTLE EDEN – all needing special care every day of the year. And we can’t provide for them without your generous support.

Some – like Sipho – have no one else to care about their happiness and welfare. Others, like Dorothy, have been here for 40 years and longer, and would be confused and frightened if they ever had to leave.

That’s why our Christmas wish is not for dolls and puzzles, or sweets and ice-cream for the children – but for something much more precious … your help in providing them with a loving home and family, not just at Christmas time, but all year round.

Make a donation

Your donation helps cover the cost of food, accommodation, clean bed linen and clothing, nursing care, therapy and medicines.

But what you’re really giving is security … happiness … and a wonderful sense of belonging.

And that means everything to these children. So please will you make your special Christmas donation now? And may you have a blessed Christmas – filled with the same gifts of love and companionship that you give our children. God bless you.

Sipho, Leslie and Dorothy have found security, happiness and a wonderful sense of belonging – because people like you contribute towards the cost of their care at LITTLE EDEN.

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