Children blossom in the sunshine of exceptional care


LITTLE EDEN is blessed with exceptional carers and volunteers, who have the power to calm and soothe our residents when they’re not feeling their best … encourage those who are struggling to master a new skill … and bring harmony and laughter to life.


We are so grateful for the role played by women like Martha and Patience, who are teaching some children to write their names and count, using their fingers and colourful blocks. Every small achievement is rewarded with a smile or compliment. Above all, the children are learning to help one another.


Like all children, Khaya and Mwitinah can be a handful when they don’t get their own way. But Sr Merin can always calm them down by sitting with them and giving them lots of attention. When Jessica wakes up in a bad mood, Lainah knows just what to do to cheer her up. She picks up a guitar and sings Jessica’s favourite song. Sr Seena spends a lot of time with Gonste, massaging his feet and sitting and laughing with him when he is busy with his stimulation activities. Thanks to all the extra attention, Gonste is learning many new things.


You can’t measure the value of one-on-one interactions like these. You can only watch the children blossoming in the sunshine of the love and care they receive – and thank God for bringing such incredible women to serve at LITTLE EDEN.


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