Times are tough … we know!

With so many businesses and individuals feeling the economic pressure caused by months of lockdown – and Covid-19 restrictions preventing fundraising events and visits to our Homes – LITTLE EDEN has experienced a sharp decline in financial support.

Our donors and supporters have been nothing short of amazing. But we understand there are limits to how much people can give. If you’re feeling the pinch, we’re hoping you might be willing to help our angels in other ways:

Encourage friends and business colleagues to support us

Tell your friends about the wonderful work caried out at LITTLE EDEN – and why you support us. Encourage them, if you can, to visit our website and follow your example in making a donation towards the care of our special angels.

Ask them to ‘like’ our Facebook page and share our posts to spread the LITTLE EDEN story further. Or suggest they sign up to receive our newsletters.

Just by helping us widen our circle, you can help us gain more supporters just like you – and attract more donations from new sources.

Start your own fundraising drive on behalf of the special angels at LITTLE EDEN.

Run a marathon … climb a mountain … organise a fundraising dinner or anything you can think of to help raise funds for LITTLE EDEN. Or ask friends to make a donation instead of buying you a birthday, anniversary or wedding gift.

It’s easy to set up any type of fundraiser at GivenGain. Be sure to select LITTLE EDEN as the beneficiary organisation. Better still, get a team together and launch a joint fundraiser. Share the link to your fundraising profile with friends and business colleagues, and ask them to help you reach your goal. All the money you raise goes directly to LITTLE EDEN – you don’t have to handle the cash yourself.

For more information about LITTLE EDEN Society, please contact PR and Communications Co-Ordinator, Rethabile Lechela at 011 609 7246 or pro@littleeden.org.za.

Run for us
What could you do to help?

We’re asking our friends and supporters to think ‘outside the box’ and come up with ideas to fundraise for us … like running a marathon or hosting a fundraising dinner.

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