Mother’s Day may have come and gone – but we celebrate our ‘mothers’ every day!


Most of the special ‘angels’ at LITTLE EDEN have been abandoned and have no contact with their biological mothers. Yet, they still feel the touch of a mother’s love every time they are lifted from their beds, bathed, dressed, and fed by our patient and compassionate carers.


We salute these amazing women for their dedication and service … for the special bonds they build with children who can’t say, “I love you” … for their encouragement and joy at every small achievement.


You can’t ‘buy’ devotion like this. It comes from the heart. But big as these women’s hearts are, they can only do so much. They depend on people like you to do the rest.


Because, whilst they are the ones who patiently spoon food into each child’s mouth, it’s your donations that pay for every spoonful of porridge, egg, meat, rice and vegetables.


They are the ones who bath the children. But it’s people like you who provide the soap, toothpaste and shampoo … and the medicines many of our little ones need to survive.


They lift the children into their wheelchairs and push them out into the sunshine. But it’s your donations that pay for custom built wheelchairs and other equipment to support children comfortably.

Make a donation

Without your generous donations, these dedicated women could not continue their loving work. So please make your special donation now, and complete the circle of love and care that surrounds every child at LITTLE EDEN.

Mothers bring joy and laughter to life.
Please support our LITTLE EDEN ‘mothers’ by
making a contribution towards the cost
of caring for our precious ‘angels’ .

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