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Road closure: Elvira Rota Village

If you are coming to ERV from Pretoria on the R50: you will be diverted along a sand road just after Rietvlei and eventually join onto the R25. If you do not want to travel on a sand road, please head towards OR Tambo airport on the R21 and then take the R25 turnoff in the direction of Bronkhorstspruit.

Coming from Johannesburg: please inform the road workers that you are visiting LITTLE EDEN and they will allow you through.

What do you do when your first babies – a pair of adorable twin boys – are born with a rare, incurable, degenerative disease?


You love them.


You live with the pain of knowing that Batten Disease will gradually rob them of the ability to move, to see, to talk, to think and to function on any level. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it.


You want to give them the best possible life. But it’s incredibly difficult when ‘home’ is a tiny shack. By the time they’re six years old, Shadreck and Mishack are struggling to eat. And they need special therapy, which you and your husband simply cannot afford.


So you choose another heartbreaking act of love …


You bring your beloved sons to LITTLE EDEN, where you know they will receive the love and care they need – lots of nutritious food and stimulation to help them reach their full potential.


You trust in the goodness of others.


At LITTLE EDEN, Lilly and a team of devoted carers in Yellow Wing have already bonded with the twins – although they still can’t tell them apart without checking their wrist bands!


Mishi is the quieter one. Shadi smiles when staff and visitors talk to him. Both boys enjoy listening to nursery rhymes and smile when we sing about the “Wheels on the bus”. They also love to have their feet and hands rubbed gently.


We promised the twins’ parents that we’ll care for Meshack and Shadreck for the rest of their lives.


Because, we too trust in the goodness of others … people like you, who share our compassion for children and adults affected by profound disability.
Make a donation

Please will you help provide the special care it takes to give children like Meshack and Shadreck the best possible quality of life?


Your donation of R250, R500, or any amount you can spare – given online now – will help pay for necessities like food, clothing, therapy and nursing. But what you’re really giving is happiness to little ones who have already suffered so much.


And your own Christmas will be more joyful – knowing you’ve given joy to an ‘angel’.

Mother with sick twins

Thank you for caring about those who cannot care for themselves
– and answering a desperate mother’s plea for help.
May God bless you.

2020 LITTLE EDEN CEO Wheelchair Campaign

A message from Discovery Limited CEO, Adrian Gore


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