Sports Day at Elvira Rota Village

Last Friday, Elvira Rota Village residents had their fun-filled annual Sport Day today! We use Sport days at Little Eden to celebrate our residents’ abilities and developmental achievements. Even though the majority of our residents rely on wheelchairs for their mobility, they still enjoy races, ball games and other competitive activities. Not to mention the..

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Sr Seena Silver Jubilee

25 years of dedicated service

We congratulate Sr Seena on attaining her Silver Jubilee as a nun in February this year. Sr Seena is one of four Sisters of the Imitation of Christ (SIC) from India, who provide an invaluable contribution to our residents’ wellbeing, serving in the Care and Stimulation programme. She has been part of the LITTLE EDEN..

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Miguel Lage

Wheelchair Campaign participants speak

During March (National Intellectual Disability Awareness Month), CEOs and Company Directors were challenged to spend one work day in a wheelchair, to create awareness and help raise much needed funds for the special angels at LITTLE EDEN, the majority of whom have physical disabilities along with profound intellectual disability, and depend on their wheelchairs for..

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