long service award

Honouring dedication and commitment

Tholane Bhubesi gets a congratulatory hug from resident Daniella, after receiving her Long Service Award for 15 years of service. Our annual staff functions, held towards the end of the year, provide an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the incredible individuals who have devoted years of service to the organisation. Last year we honoured..

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Declutter, donate and do good

A home that’s overflowing with clothes you haven’t worn in years, kitchen gadgets you don’t use, pictures and ornaments that no longer fill you with pleasure, and books you’ll never read again can have a negative effect on your mental health. Decluttering not only creates more space, it literally lightens your mood, relieving you of..

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Therapy promotes holistic development

Whilst most of our special angels have limited mobility and abilities, improvements, personal growth and achievements are still possible. Personalised therapy programmes – incorporating physical, occupational and music sessions – are used to promote independence and self expression so that our residents can enjoy the most fulfilling lives possible. Whether it’s developing hand-eye coordination through..

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christmas market

Festive fun

Happy shoppers at our special Christmas market. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the annual Mamba Charity Drive, which took place on 2 December. Organised by Mamba Security in support of LITTLE EDEN and other local charities, the event aims to share the Christmas spirit with the community. Adding to the Christmas spirit, Elvira Rota..

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Veronica Mannix

End of an era

Pictured above, Veronica Mannix with residents and staff at her farewell. After 25 years of dedicated service, LITTLE EDEN bid farewell to Veronica Mannix, one of the daughters of Founders, Danny and Domitilla Hyams. Her retirement was a poignant moment, reflecting the enduring legacy of the Hyams family and the significant role they played throughout..

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Magic of Christmas

Shout out to Santa

There’s something about the bearded man in the bright red suit that sparks excitement and wonder. Regardless of their age, our residents are childlike in their delight when Father Christmas arrives at our Homes with his big sack of gifts … one for each of them. It’s impossible not to feel the love and generosity..

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