About us

LITTLE EDEN is a registered non-profit organisation [001-827 NPO] and PBO [No.930/0000/03] providing life-long care to 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disability in two custom designed residential facilities – Domitilla and Danny Hyams Home in Edenvale, and Elvira Rota Village, a farm in Bapsfontein.

We believe that no matter how profoundly disabled a person may be, he or she is still a whole complete being, with a body; a mind; a spirit and a soul.

Our special children may not experience the world in the same way that we do, but they have so much to teach us! From them we learn about the power of the human spirit, the joy to be found in simple achievements, the satisfaction of caring for those who are weaker than ourselves, love that seeks no reward.

Although the average age of our residents is 26 years, the average intellectual age is that of a one-year-old. Some function at new-born level and have to be fed, carried, changed and bathed. Others are able to manage tasks like feeding themselves, brushing their teeth, dressing and using the toilet.

The children are grouped according to their abilities and behaviour. Many of our residents also suffer from mental illness, disturbed behaviour and multiple physical disabilities. They are cared for in specific groups where they feel comfortable and safe.

Our Mission

To care for, develop and enhance the quality of life, with love and understanding from a dedicated staff, persons with intellectual disability of all races and creeds entrusted to us, by providing with trust in Divine Providence and in cooperation with the parents, the community and the State the necessary spiritual, nursing, therapy and stimulation services in as an efficient and economic manner as possible.

Core values

Our core values are encapsulated in a series of symbols that guide the way the staff and volunteers at LITTLE EDEN respond to children and adults with intellectual disability; to each other as staff; to the environment; and to the larger community.

Just because a person has an intellectual disability does not make them less worthy of respect and consideration. We value each person in our care and celebrate their uniqueness.

Sanctity of Life

We believe in the sanctity of life – these special people are precious in the eyes of God and they have a right to be here and to be helped to reach their full potential despite their limitations.

Love and care

We offer our residents love and care … provide for their needs, and protect them from harm.

Who is eligible?

LITTLE EDEN caters for people with profound intellectual disability – those who are classified as uneducable – of all races and creeds. Priority is given to those who have been abandoned or abused, or who come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. Once accepted into the LITTLE EDEN family, they remain with us for life.

How much does it cost?

The full cost of caring per resident is R11 600 per month. This includes 24-hour nursing and medical care, specialised therapy, food and clothing. Any contribution towards this cost is greatly appreciated!

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cared for since 1967

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Meet the Board

Mr Alex Angus
Mr Alex Angus
Mr Maurizio Galimberti
Mr Maurizio Galimberti
Vice Chairman
Mrs Rosetta Xaba
Mrs Rosetta Xaba
Rev Antony Bishop
Rev Antony Bishop
Mr Luigi Slaviero
Mr Luigi Slaviero
Rev Douge Boake
Rev Douge Boake
Ms Sedzani  Mudau
Ms Sedzani Mudau
Ms Maleshini Naidoo
Ms Maleshini Naidoo
Mrs Thato  Nkosi
Mrs Thato Nkosi

With a workforce of 272, LITTLE EDEN is fortunate to have a staff to resident ratio of almost one to one.

It is inspiring to witness the commitment and dedication of each and every employee in fulfilling their role and responsibility in caring for our residents with intellectual disability.

We provide specialised training and team building functions to encourage staff to build strong connections with one another. We also have a Caring for the Carers programme which takes place on a weekly basis at both DDHH and ERV. All staff are invited to participate in 45 minutes of “time-out” to recharge and renew.

Mrs Lucy Slaviero, CEO of LITTLE EDEN

Message from the CEO

My journey with LITTLE EDEN began when I was a high school student. As one of the daughters of the founders of the Society (Danny and Domitilla Hyams) I had a role to play … helping to raise funds for the organisation. Walking around the school with a tin collecting money from other students was not my ideal activity but I understood that my contribution was necessary and important to my parents and the people at LITTLE EDEN.

Thank you
My fellow students were just some of the many, many generous people who have
supported LITTLE EDEN throughout the years. I am as grateful to today’s donors,
friends and supporters as I was to my classmates all those years ago. Without
your support, our organisation would not be celebrating 50 years of service to people with intellectual disability.

How we’ve grown
In 1967, LITTLE EDEN was a day care centre with just three little girls but today, working through our values of Respect,Sanctity of Life and Love & Care, we are a full time Home to 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disability and we are proud of our Society’s reputation as a leader amongst similar organisations.

Without doubt LITTLE EDEN is where it is today through Divine Providence and
great influence from our valuable supporters. We are grateful for many things, including the legacy left behind by our founders and that, in spite of all the challenges over the years, our core mission remains the same, which is to provide quality care to our residents.

Through the work carried out at LITTLE EDEN, more individuals are becoming aware of people with intellectual disability and recognise that each of them – however disabled – is whole and complete, created by God with a mind, a body, a spirit and a soul.

Join the celebrations
I take this opportunity to thank you for your support – and invite you to join us at the many events we have planned for our special year.

What People Say…

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The LITTLE EDEN Foundation was established on 21 July 2010 and registered with SARS on 29 October 2010 as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO number 930 034 635).

Its prime purpose is to safeguard (ring-fence) all properties and investments of the LITTLE EDEN Society, in order to manage and grow assets for the benefit of the Society, whilst at the same time to reduce its operational risk.

The LITTLE EDEN Foundation operates under its own Constitution, is subject to the applicable statutory financial audits and controls, and is managed by a Board of Management (BoM) made up of members independent of the LITTLE EDEN Society.

Interested individuals and institutions are invited to partner with us to build a secure future for our organisation and those it serves – adults and children with profound intellectual disability. Donations to the LITTLE EDEN Foundation are used exclusively for capital development such as alterations or additions to the Land and Buildings, and are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

Should you have any questions regarding the Foundation, please email foundation@littleeden.org.za.