When this little soul arrived at LITTLE EDEN we made a promise to love and care for him for the rest of his life. Please help us keep that promise.


Just over three months have passed since Andi came to LITTLE EDEN, after being
found abandoned outside a house. He was well dressed and covered with a soft blanket. We could tell that he was loved.


But sometimes tough choices have to be made by a parent, with the hope of a better
future for their little one. And this little boy needs very special care. He has severe physical and intellectual disabilities that make LITTLE EDEN the best possible place for him.


Although loud noises frightened him at first – and it took him a while to get used to all the attention – this little ray of sunshine now has every member of staff wrapped around his little finger. And we’ll do everything we can to help him make the most of life, despite his disabilities.


That means individual therapy to help strengthen core muscles … a customised wheelchair to provide support and mobility … fortnightly visits to a specialist doctor … plenty of good nourishing food … nappies, clothes, toys and round-the-clock nursing care.


These aren’t the gifts you’d normally think of giving a child for Christmas. And yet that’s exactly what we’re hoping you’ll do now. Because, these are the gifts that mean the most to our special angels.


So please will you be their ‘Secret Santa’, and make your contribution towards these needs today? Give yourself the joy of being part of Andi’s first Christmas at LITTLE EDEN.
Make a donation

Like most of our special angels, Andi has no contact with his family. He only has us …
and you … to make sure he gets everything he needs to live a safe, comfortable and happy life.


When we added Andi to our family of 300 children and adults with profound intellectual
disability, we knew that his unique and special needs would mean extra costs. But we also know that we have a wider ‘family’ of caring and concerned supporters. People like you, who care about children living with profound intellectual and physical disabilities.


Please reach out to them again now at this special ‘family’ time of year. Your gift of R250, R500 or any amount you can spare, makes all the difference.


And may you have the most joyous Christmas, filled with the same gifts of love and care you shower on our precious angels.

Angels come in all shapes and
sizes! Please help give them
a Christmas to remember.

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