Chocolate treats are fun and tasty. But this Easter, we also want to give our special angels something more essential …

… a good night’s sleep.


Please will you help?


We’ve managed to replace just under half the mattresses at Elvira Rota Village, leaving us with 58 still to buy. These mattresses come with a special durable cover to protect them, and cost R1 925 each. But, multiply that by 58 and it adds up to over a Hundred Thousand Rand! Money that we just don’t have spare right now.


Will you please consider sponsoring one mattress with a donation of R1 925?  Or co-sponsor a mattress with a smaller donation. Every rand helps bring us closer to our target of a good night’s sleep for every single child and adult in our care.
Make your donation

If you agree that a good night’s sleep can make your entire day more productive and enjoyable, please consider giving this gift to one of our ‘angels’. Many of them spend a large portion of their day lying on a mattress or sitting in a wheelchair. And – especially those affected by cerebral palsy – they don’t have a lot of muscle or fat to cushion their limbs. Having a good, comfortable mattress really does make a huge difference in their lives.


These special children and adults with profound intellectual disability ask so little of us. They don’t need expensive new clothes, gadgets or outings; they are happy and content when they feel comfortable and safe.


And this is the precious gift you can give when you make your donation now towards mattresses and covers.

Our residents spend a lot of time lying down. Please help us keep them comfortable by sponsoring new mattresses.

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