Help us celebrate 55 years of loving care!


It’s our 55th birthday – and we’re hoping you’ll help us celebrate, by putting the power of your own birthday to work to ‘treat’ our special angels to all the Love & Care they deserve on their birthday … and every other day of the year.


All you have to do is ask friends and relatives to make a donation to LITTLE EDEN instead of buying you a birthday gift.


As we get older, we realise that life is not measured in possessions or achievements. It’s what we do for others that gives real meaning and purpose to life.


And what could be more meaningful than helping a child who is completely reliant on others for their care? It’s a gift that can only be made by someone who expects nothing in return for their kindness, other than the satisfaction of making life better for someone born with profound intellectual disability.


Much like the late ‘mother’ of LITTLE EDEN, Domitilla Rota Hyams, whose birthday was 7 May. If you prefer, you can choose to make your donation in honour of her birthday. Or give in honour/memory of your own mother, as a Mother’s Day tribute.


Domitilla was one of life’s great givers, creating a haven of peace and tranquillity – a miniature Garden of Eden – for children and adults with profound intellectual disability. She never accumulated material riches. But she stored great riches in her heart.


How happy she would be to know that the Homes she created for her special angels are still going strong 55 years later! And how grateful she would be to know that people today are just as generous as those who supported her when she started out all those years ago … providing the vital funds needed to help children with disabilities make the most of life, despite their limitations.


Please help keep the circle of caring strong by making your donation online now. So much of what we do rests on your generosity and kindness.

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