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Our Fête has moved from March to May. Save this date: 5 May 2018

Christmas kindness brings hope of a wonderful 2018

Christmas at LITTLE EDEN is always the best time of the year. First there’s all the excitement of preparing for, and performing in, the annual nativity concerts. If you were lucky enough to be there, you’ll agree last year’s concerts were among the best we’ve ever had, with the hall positively filled with joy, as the children danced and sang their way into every heart.

Before the excitement had a chance to die down, the bell was ringing to let the children know Santa was here, with his big bag of brightly wrapped gifts . . . one for each of them. There were special treats to eat – cupcakes, sweets and cool drinks kindly sponsored by Emperor’s Palace – lots of visitors and extra hugs and kisses for the residents.

And – thanks to our generous supporters – there was something extra last Christmas . . . the promise that every child would enjoy security, love, dignity and happiness not only at Christmas time, but throughout the year ahead.

Our grateful thanks to all who contributed toward the ongoing cost of food, accommodation, clean bed linen and clothing, nursing care, therapy and medicines. These items might not be as much fun to give as toy cars and dolls – but they are far, far more valuable.

If you would like to join in and work together with us to ensure that the children and adults at LITTLE EDEN continue to receive the care they need and deserve to live their lives to the full, despite their disabilities, please click the button below to help us start the new year with cupboards full of daily necessities.

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Thank you for caring – and may the new year bring health, peace and prosperity to you and yours!

Happiness is … flying a kite you made yourself! ERV resident, Wayne, made this kite at the annual arts and crafts day last June. The opportunity to express themselves through art makes this one of the highlights of the year.

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