Give yourself the joy
of helping a special child


Compassionate people like you have been part of our children’s lives throughout the 50 years of our existence … helping to bring comfort, security and dignity to those who have to depend on the compassion and goodwill of others for life.


Many of our special ‘angels’ spend their whole lives in a wheelchair, unable to run and jump like other kids. Others cannot talk – or even communicate well enough to let their carers know when they are cold or sad. And yet, most will give you a wide welcoming smile if you stop and give them a little attention.


They just need to know they are loved and valued. And that is what you give each time you send a donation towards their food, clothing, medicines, therapy and care.

So please go ahead and make your donation online right now. And enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’ve brought happiness into a child’s life today.

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Thanks to support from kind people like you, little Busi is receiving the special therapy she needs in order to learn to walk.

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