Ongoing power crisis is putting our hot water supply in jeopardy

You probably know from personal experience how soaking in a warm bath eases sore muscles. So you can imagine what a difference it makes to our special angels with profound intellectual disability here at LITTLE EDEN Society.

Warm water gently relaxes stiff limbs, and stimulates blood flow in those who spend their days in a wheelchair. But, when you think that we have 300 children and adults in our care … and each one needs a daily bath to keep them clean and comfortable … you can imagine how much hot water we use!

There’s no question that we need a more reliable energy storage system to provide hot water for our residents. And that means going solar. Not only will this help us care for our special angels, it will greatly reduce our electricity bill.

But at around R24 000 for a single 200l high pressure solar geyser (we need five) … and R35 000 for a high volume inverter (we need three), this dream will only become reality if enough kind and caring people like you step in to help.

We know from experience how the impossible becomes possible when enough people join in to help. If just 24 people each gave R1000 … or 48 people gave R500 each … we’d have enough for the first geyser. Every rand we raise makes a difference.

So please will you be among the first to make your tax deductible donation towards this vital need?

If you could only see how children like Perfect look forward to bathtime, you wouldn’t hesitate to help. He is unable to use his hands or legs and spends most of his day in a wheelchair. So his fingers and toes are often cold; blankets and socks alone don’t warm him to the core like a hot bath does.

As soon as he’s wheeled into the bathroom, Perfect starts smiling and looking around excitedly, knowing that it’s almost his turn. Once he’s placed in the Showerßath, he wriggles with delight as he feels the warm water.

For the sake of children like Perfect, please will you make your donation now towards a new solar hot water system? Thank you, and may God bless you for your kindness towards these special angels.

Bath time

The excitement is real! Perfect loves bath time – and he is just one of 300 residents who are bathed daily at LITTLE EDEN. Please help us keep enough hot water on tap

bath time

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