7 May would have been Domitilla Rota Hyams’ 103rd birthday


How appropriate it is that her birthday falls so close to Mother’s Day. Because Domitilla was, first and foremost, an exceptional mother. Not only to her own six children … but to every child with profound intellectual disability that she took under her wing as the ‘Mother’ of LITTLE EDEN.


Most of these special angels have been abandoned and have no contact with their biological mothers. It was Domitilla who loved and cared for them as if they were her own. And as her LITTLE EDEN family grew, she sought out other compassionate, loving and patient women to help her ‘mother’ the children – a tradition that has endured through the passing years.


Loving someone else’s child … especially a child with profound intellectual disability … requires an exceptionally big heart. But thanks to our exceptional carers, every one of the special ‘angels’ at LITTLE EDEN knows the touch of a mother’s love … every time they are lifted from their beds, bathed, dressed, and fed.


This Mother’s Day, please help give these dedicated women all the support they need to continue their wonderful work.


Because, children and adults with profound intellectual disability can’t survive on love alone. They also need food, clothing and a bed to sleep in … wheelchairs, walking frames, therapy and medical care.


And this is what your special Mother’s Day donation – made now online in honour of your own mother – helps provide. So please take this opportunity to give generously towards the care of our angels.

Make your donation

Our residents need a lot of ‘mothering’ to keep them feeling safe and comfortable. Please support our carers with a special Mother’s Day donation to LITTLE EDEN.


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